A New Season dawns...

After a longer close-season than normal – no play-offs or World Cup or Euro’s to enjoy or endure – all Luton Town supporters are approaching the new season with more than our usual cheerful optimism.  Looking back briefly at last season there was disappointment in some quarters that we fell just short of the promotion mix after being well placed at the halfway stage.  However, it was actually a pretty good first season back in the Football League where, despite losing our top scorer, we competed very well for much of it and we all now have a better idea of what is required to succeed at this level.

Our signings in the summer have been a step up on last year and as each new player has come in, the bookmakers have cut our odds to win the division.  Of course life, sport and football isn’t as simple as that and there are plenty of other teams out there who have the financial resources and ambition to mount serious challenges.  What we can say though is that we have a financially sound and well run Club, a strong, experienced management team, a talented playing squad and of course, passionate and loyal supporters. 

Since 2010 we have challenged strongly for promotion every season but those challenges are often roller-coasters and so, whatever the outcome next May, we can expect some ups and downs along the way.

Behind the scenes the Trust is making good progress.  For a period, over the past 18 months, our largest membership since the early days of the Trust in 2003 coincided with our fewest active committee members and so we did struggle to keep up with the demands of a 1,000+ membership organisation.  However, we have now been able to add some excellent new additions to our “squad” and we hope you will see soon improvements in our communications, amongst other things.  We now have an active Twitter and Facebook presence and we expect to launch a new website soon.  Our long-awaited new membership and payments database is taking shape and, once in place, that will improve immeasurably our membership administration which has been, until now, a source of frustration to us and to some of you.

With the Trust and Supporters Club now merged we are putting together a programme of Supporter events for you to take part in throughout the season and finally, we have, of course, continued throughout our close and regular dialogue with the Club on all matters, and will report on progress and developments as events allow.

Enjoy the season!

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LTSC Awards Presentation & Voting


Luton Town Supporters Club (now merged with Trust in Luton) are once again holding their annual Player of the Season Awards Presentation Evening on Sunday 26th April.

Current Trust in Luton members get the chance to vote for the Player of the Season and also Goal of the Season.

To vote, simply send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with 'VOTES' in the subject line.

Then tell us your choice for:

Player of the Season

PLUS ONE of the following shortlisted Goals of the Season:
Pelly Ruddock vs Bury (H) 19th August
Alex Wall vs Stevenage (A) 4th October
Luke Guttridge vs Newport (H) 8th October
Alex Lawless vs Southend (H) 11th October
Shaun Whalley vs Mansfield - Goal No. 2 (H) 29th November
Jonathan Smith vs Wycombe (A) 26th December
Andy Drury vs Plymouth (A) 17th January
Elliot Lee vs Wycombe - Goal No. 2 (H) 24th March
Alex Lawless vs Northampton (A) 28th March

Please put your full name & address in the email and your Trust in Luton membership number, if you know it.
Voting closes at the end of Sunday 19th April. Any votes sent after 11.59pm on Sunday 19th April WILL NOT be counted.
The Presentation Evening is being held at Luton Rugby Club and management, coaching staff and players will be in attendance. A cold buffet will be included plus we will still be holding a Grand Prize Draw. 
Tickets are on sale now and are priced at £20 for adults and £15 for accompanied juniors (under 16). Ensure you get yours today by calling the Luton Town ticket office on 01582 416976 or pop in to buy them. 


Alternatively, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with TICKETS in the subject line and we will email an application form to you.

If you have already purchased tickets and voted, there is no need to vote again.
We hope to see you there, and don't forget to vote if you haven't already!


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Charity begins at home

Tonight – for one night only – in another innovative move by Luton Town Football Club, Kenilworth Road becomes the Prostate Cancer UK Stadium.  This temporary re-naming of Kenilworth Road tonight is a positive and powerful step.

The move has already generated huge interest both locally and nationally, and those people that track these things will tell you that the national recognition of Prostate Cancer UK will have gone up measurably over the past week, particularly amongst the Charity’s target demographic – yes, you men reading this – that’s you. 

You can find out more by visiting http://menunited.prostatecanceruk.org/ now and you can make a contribution by following the instructions below. 

So enjoy the game tonight, whether watching it live from your seat in the Prostate Cancer UK Stadium, or locally or around the world on TV.  Three points are of course crucial but, sometimes in life, there are things that are even more important than that.




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What's in a name?


Luton Town supporters would have seen Club Chairman Nick Owen’s programme notes from the Morecambe game in which he mentioned a forthcoming announcement regarding the re-naming of Kenilworth Road. This has generated speculation amongst some supporters pending that official announcement.

The Identity Asset agreement between the Club and Trust in Luton, in place since last March, does not include naming rights to Kenilworth Road. However, we can confirm that members of the Trust Board were consulted by the Club a couple of weeks ago on this subject and we are happy that Luton Town supporter’s interests are fully protected.

As Nick Owen said....... “Watch this space....”

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Chairman's Update

 As we enter March 2015 it is a good time to reflect on what has been happening at Trust in Luton over the last twelve months.


To begin, we have seen a huge increase in memberships over this time, for two main reasons.  The announcement last March that the Trust would be the guardian of the Club’s identity assets generated huge interest amongst Luton fans and the wider football community.  Members of the Trust Board gave several local and national radio interviews on this subject. 

As a direct result of this innovative move more than 500 fans signed up to join the Trust that month alone, mostly from the local area but many others from the rest of the UK and around the world.  Then, when the Club gave the opportunity to season ticket holders to join the Trust as part of their season ticket renewal process, a further 600 signed up.

Generally, the Trust sees its number increase when there’s trouble brewing but this time the additional interest and commitment from fans came at a time when John Still and his team were taking us up from the Conference, as Champions, in glorious style.

Unfortunately, such a huge number of new members (and we now have around 1,200 members in total) has proved a little difficult for us to handle.  Regrettably our membership database did not prove up to scratch and although we have put a great number of manual hours into getting everything right, we are now, with the Club’s help, taking on a new improved membership system.

This will be integrated into a new Trust website in the coming months and this should enable our communications to members in the future be a little more regular, and timely.   One thing to bear in mind though – communication via the post is both expensive and time consuming for us and so we repeat our request for as many members as possible to provide email addresses when they join or renew.  Then, apart from your emails, keep an eye www.trustinluton.info and follow our Twitter feed @trustinluton.  Remember, you don’t have to tweet to follow someone else on Twitter.

As we are now approaching the first anniversary of the assets protection announcement many Trust memberships taken up then are now reaching the end of their first year.  If you did join us last March please re-new.  You can do so via our website by following the membership link although please note that you can’t renew on-line until your existing membership has come to an end.

Alternatively, the Club are again offering season ticket holders the chance to join the Trust – or renew – when you purchase your 2015/16 season ticket.   Trust memberships purchased this way will run parallel to the actual football season – commencing on the 1st of August each year.  This is a great way (for us as well as you) to join or re-new.

                Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard as ever and I’m going to highlight below just some of the things we’ve been up to whilst the team have been doing their bit on the pitch.

As you probably know, Luton Town Supporters Club has merged with the Trust.  The Supporters Club will continue their fine work of arranging and hosting regular events at the Club such as the “Meet the Manager” evenings, the annual Awards Dinner, their ever-popular quizzes and other events.  The Trust itself will continue its regular meetings with the Club’s executives and will represent the fans in discussions on the important issues.  Many of you will have read our report on the Club’s finances last autumn which we believe was well received and this will be a regular annual feature as well as feedback on other meetings.  We anticipate being involved in consultations with the Club from time-to-time on stadium issues but, before you ask, no one on the Trust Board has (or expects to receive) any inside information on this subject.  Like you, we await formal announcements from the Club when the time is right.

                Other things financial

Talking finances, we are discussing with the Club how we can set up a scheme which will enable supporters – via the Trust – to acquire additional shares in the Club.  Remember we are a shareholder already with 50,000 shares but more would be welcome.  This is a complex issue, partly because the founder shareholders are already so generous in supporting the Club finances with their own contributions, but we hope there is a way we can make a contribution too.  During the large increase in members in 2014, the Trust board decided to set aside 50% of all new membership fees received and 100% all donations (of which there are many each year) into a separate fund designated purely for share purchases, so we have made a start, but we will have to engage in a specific fund raising campaigns if we are to achieve this objective.

                TiL’s Annual Award

One of our best innovations in recent years has been the introduction of the Annual TiL Outstanding Achievement Award.  This is an Award from the Trust to someone who deserves recognition for the outstanding effort they have put into the Club.  It cannot be won by a player, past or present -as much as we admire them, they do have plenty of their own awards to play for.  Everyone else is eligible for nomination though.  In its first three years our winners have been:

2012 - Supporter: Keith Brooksbank

2013 - Match-day host and Club legend: John Buttle

2014 - Diverse FM match commentator: Simon Pitts

We are now at the point where we are seeking nominations for the 2015 Award so if there is anyone you think deserves the Award this year please contact us on the email address below with the name of your nomination and the reason why.  The Trust Board will consider all nominations carefully in the next few weeks and reach a decision.  The identity of the winner will then be kept secret until the appropriate time to announce it near or at the end of the season.  The announcement could be at the Awards dinner, it could be on the pitch, it could be on Diverse FM.  We don’t know who it is yet, so let us have your nominations.

                Other achievements

Whilst talking of awards we are delighted to announce that the decision was recently taken by Luton Borough Council to recognise our own contribution by awarding to the Trust one of the official banners used in the end of season celebrations in St Georges Square and at the Town Hall last May – a day we will never forget.  More details to follow on the presentation of this award but we will be deciding how best to use the banner for the benefit of all.  Thank you.

The trip to Burton Albion in October gave the Trust the opportunity to recognise the achievement of four Luton Town Supporters  Les Miller, Mark Chapman, Chris Park & Keith Hayward who, by attending that match, were now back in the “92 Club” having watched the Hatters play at the home ground of every other league club – an amazing achievement.

2014 also saw the arrival of John Miller – the Club’s first Supporters Liaison Office (or SLO as we like to call him).  John is a Hatters Fan through and through and is available for you to contact via the Club with your questions.


Finally, we are now finalising the arrangements for our 2014 AGM.  The date and venue will be announced soon but if you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes at the Trust please come along.  We do need some more help on the Trust Board too so there will be a chance, after the meeting, to meet with the existing Board members and see how you can get involved.

Tony Murray


Trust in Luton                                                                                                                    March 2015

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